Spencer Smith - Director of Programs

Raised in Naples, Spencer is driven to portray that side of Collier that is working through adversity, and he achieves satisfaction in helping them achieve their goals. Many of the issues facing our community are complicated, and they require a reasoned and thoughtful approach. Spencer brings both the analytical mind and empathetic nature perfect for tackling these multi-faceted problems that arise daily.

It’s hard to imagine UWCC without Spencer, but when he joined the team he was just the third employee at our fledgling branch, and he has been essential to its explosive growth since then. Beginning as Manager of Communications and Marketing, he quickly displayed his capability when it came to finding creative solutions to the community’s needs. At that time the only services provided by United Way were Volunteer Collier and the 211 non-emergency lines. Since then he has created new programs and brought services that previously weren’t available. He ensured that VITA, a service previously being outsourced, was established in Collier with 6 facilities staffed by IRS certified volunteers. Recreational events such as the United Way Build-A-Bike event, now held annually, were funded.

When Irma hit, Collier was one of the hardest hit communities in the country. Spencer stepped up to oversee a DCMP (Disaster Case Management Program) grant of over $800,000 dollars, in addition to managing the $1.1 million of agency allocations to local non-profits that desperately needed the assistance. Many families found their deductible prohibitively expensive, and couldn’t afford to pay the other numerous bills that were piling up. Spencer was able to collaborate with The Salvation Army and establish a program to help these families meet their insurance deductibles. Families with nowhere else to go were able to stay afloat thanks to his ingenuity. These experiences moved Spencer to secure a chair at the local board of the EFSP (Emergency Food and Shelter Program), an annual FEMA program. If another crisis comes, he is perfectly positioned to oversee and ensure that relief comes to Collier as quickly as possible.

Spencer believes in the value of every member of our community, and he is always searching for new ways to help them prosper. Whether he is overseeing a roofing project for one family or coordinating an international press conference detailing a $2.7 million donation, Spencer is excited to be a positive influence in his community.

Office: 239-261-7112 ext. 203