Naomi Weathers - Workplace Campaign Coordinator

Naomi graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in University Studies, a new course of study that the university created for students who want to design their own degree plan. Her concentration being Global Social Support Services. While an undergrad, Naomi participated in multiple research projects and volunteering engagements in order to educate other students on her campus and find solutions to social issues in her community. 

United Way works with many businesses in Collier County, and we are always looking for new partnerships and opportunities to build new bridges and share our message. Naomi is at the head of this initiative and she leads from the front. She leads our annual employee campaign by meeting individuals at their workplace and asking them to join the initiative through easy payroll deduction. Working so close to our community’s employers gives Naomi a unique outlook invaluable to our team. When a coworker is working on a project and they need help understanding their audience, Naomi is there to step in and provide guidance.

Her boots on the ground approach to corporate engagement makes her a face that the employees recognize and the employers respect. As a representative of our organization, she shares the passion and dedication of our team and is always willing to work with each business to help them understand our message. Such collaborative partnership exemplifies the attitude that Naomi brings to United Way. 

When she isn’t giving a presentation, she is working on new pitches to establish lasting bonds with Collier County businesses. Each campaign is tailored to the group she is approaching and requires thorough research into the culture and goals of the company. Her knowledge of each organization allows her to pinpoint the most effective means of conveying her message. That message is about letting people know that there is always something we can do to make our community stronger. She believes that every person counts, and that each donation we receive, be it $1 or $1,000, is crucial in helping ease the strain on those less fortunate.

Office: 239 261 7112 ext 215