Kim V. Ouellette

Executive Assistant / 239-261-7112 ext 201

A non-profit can only function effectively with the right tools at their disposal, and Kim guarantees that every team member at United Way is prepared and equipped to tackle the day. The needs of a non-profit office are many and varied, requiring an experienced manager dedicated to keeping their group working at top form. United Way has one of the best in the business with Kim, bringing with her 12 years of non-profit experience. She keeps her skills sharp by running special programs that provide benefits to our team and increase the overall efficiency of United Way.

A critical component to the success of our team is the relationship between the CEO of United Way and the rest of the staff. Kim ensures that the CEO is kept abreast of the different projects and programs being developed, allowing him to provide valuable advice where he deems it appropriate. Her knowledge keeps her a step ahead when it comes to anticipating office needs. Furniture, work materials, equipment, and myriad other office supplies are rarely requested by the staff, as she stays keenly aware of what her coworkers are working on. Employee expenses are easily tracked with a business credit card overseen by Kim, allowing the accounting team to more easily trace expenses and keep the office workflow running.

Key to Kim’s success is her ability to keep the team connected with the community. She supervises the technical side, keeping our phones and connections running optimally, and correlates all incoming calls to their correct destination. Kim’s retail experience, with over $1.8 million in sales annually, benefits everyone as she handles her calls smoothly and kindly. Assisting callers in finding who they were looking for and having them where they need to be is the standard, but she consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that the callers are satisfied and the team is aware of any and all issues she is on the lookout for.