Kelly Wild

Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator / 239-261-7112 ext 206

Kelly is the Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator at United Way of Collier County, a natural vocation for someone with her aptitude for teamwork. She is the main point of contact for the volunteers of Collier, as well as the contact for the corporate sponsors who help spread the volunteer opportunities to those that are interested. Whether she is on site managing volunteers or at her office planning the next exciting event, Kelly is constantly working on ways to bring our community together. Every event, as small as helping a family repair their roof, to as large as Satisfy the Hunger food drive requires coordination, patience, and empathy. Kelly exemplifies these qualities.              

Our VITA program, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, is an exceptional new program that Kelly has been a part of from day one. Through her community presence, she helped bring together a dedicated group of volunteers who have the skills and desire to help those less experienced in tax filing. She has helped establish over six VITA sites in the county, assisting families that make $66,000 or less a year in managing their finances. Just last year she managed over $500,000 in refunds and cost savings brought back to the community, offering crucial relief to hundreds of families in the county.

Kelly’s work is built on a belief in the good will of our community. There are Collier County residents who have incredible skills or experience, but they aren’t always sure how to translate those qualities into volunteer work. Through VITA and other programs that she is managing, Kelly serves as a liaison between the members of the community looking to give back, and those in need of help. She is the liaison between those that want to help and those that need the help. Collier has some of the best and brightest people in the country, and when Kelly brings them together, amazing things can happen.