United Way of Collier County is building healthier, communities by expanding access to quality health care and promoting healthy living 

United Way focuses its efforts on a broad range of health-related issues. From helping young children to caring for older adults. We understands that good health is a crucial ingredient for individual success and a prosperous community.  Being healthy isn’t just about personal diet and exercise choices. Healthy communities are ones that maintain parks and bike paths all across town, where all kids have access to safe playgrounds, eat healthy meals at school and engage in physical activity after school. Healthy communities support social innovations, like farmers' markets in low-wage neighborhoods to offer more access to fresh food.Healthy communities foster an active lifestyle and encourage people to care for and support each other. United Way of Collier County Is part of a worldwide movement for change. Nearly 1,800 United Ways are making a difference in 41 countries and territories, bringing millions of people together to create long-term solutions that benefit everyone. In 2016, 9,589 individuals recieved medical care through United Way sponsered programs.
Community Partnerships and Initiatives that Promote Wellness: 
  • Neighborhood Health Clinic
  • Care Club of Naples
  • Drug-Free Collier
  • Friendship Health Clinic
  • Naples Equestrian Challenge
  • Safe and Healthy Children Coalition
  • Blue Zones Initiative