Investing in education benefits the whole community.  We believe that education is a foundation for success in school, work and life. High school graduates have higher earning potentials, contribute more to their local economies and are more engaged in their communities. United Way is about more than short-term charity for a few; we’re about lasting solutions that build opportunity for all. We look at the big picture and analyze what resources are lacking or need strengthening and address those weaknesses to remove barriers. 


 In 2016 19,414 Individuals Received Educational Services Through United Way Sponsored Programs 

We create and promote educational opportunities for Collier County Residents by: 

  • Investing and partnering with the most effective education agencies in Collier County 
  • Convening – with area leaders to increase access to education
  • Mobilizing – local businesses and organizations to get involved in educational programs
  • Evaluating – programs and services through hundreds of community volunteers who ensure that our resources are allocated to programs that are serving their community to their full potential.