Carlos Rodriguez

Born with a willingness to help and passion for volunteerism, Carlos pursued a career in finance, allowing him to impact his community through education and perseverance through the financial problems and struggles that ordinary people regularly face.  Anyone who works with Carlos is impressed by his commitment to excellence and the integrity with which he carries out his work.

Carlos is currently a Financial Center Manager for Bank of America where he managers an eclectic staff of financial professionals to meet all his clients’ financial needs.   Carlos has over 14 years of banking experience, where he oversaw financial, housing, and economic markets.  In his career, Carlos has helped develop several bank policies and procedures at Bank of America, all while serving as a market and peer coach facilitating market growth in both Lee and Collier County. 

Prior to joining Bank of America Carlos had over five years of commercial accounting experience.  Specifically, around corporate accounting and management.  He attended both the University of Florida, and Florida Gulf Coast University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance, and a Master of Business Administration

Among his many accomplishments, Carlos is currently President of the Council of Hispanic Business Professionals of Collier County.  He earned his MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University.  Carlos has been involved with the United Way in some capacity for the last 12 years and hopes to serve for many more.