Campaign FAQs

Workplace Campaign FAQs

What is a workplace campaign?

A workplace campaign is an easy and effective way to help employees make a difference and show them that their workplace is actively supporting the local community's most important issues. Emplyees are given the opportunity to support United Way by donating a portion of their paycheck. 

My organization is small.  Will our donation really make a difference?
Any size company can participate in a campaign from one or two  employees to over 1,000.  The key point to remember is all money raised helps over 100,000 people each year in Collier County.

I do not have time to run a campaign.  How much effort is involved?
The average campaign lasts about 1 - 2 weeks. The employee campaign  can be run in several different ways.  All that United asks for is the support of management and the opportunity for a UW staff member to speak briefly to your employees.  This is an informational meeting that will answer any questions or address concerns employees might have.  Our staff can handle a large portion of the campaign for you leaving time to handle your daily tasks

How do we know that our contributions are being used properly?

Donating to United Way ensures a careful screening and monitoring of funded programs that align and meet with community-driven strategies. Program activity is monitored to measure success and to ensure donations are having the desired impact. 

Why give to United Way?

It makes a difference. Employees are making an investment that benefits the entire community, not just one program, issue, or population, and this leads to a stronger, more sustainable place to live and work. 

How can my company help?

  • Run an employee campaign
  • Give a Corporate Gift or Offer a Corporate Match of Employee Gift
  • Donate a Portion of Proceeds from the Sale of Items or Services
  • Allow your Employees to Participate in our Days of Caring
  • Conduct Special Events, Contests, and Games

For more information on becoming a company that makes a difference in our community, please contact Naomi Weathers, Employee Campaign Manager, at (239) 261-7112 ext 215 or by email at