What Do They Do?

Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA) is recognized as a national role model in prepaqring rural low-income children for leadership in an increasingly diverse and complex world. RCMA opens doors to opportunities through quality child care and education from crib to high school and beyond.

Programs United Way Supports at RCMA

Support to RCMA helps fund for the Immokalee Family Child Care Home Network, and for after school scholarships for children at RCMA Immokalee Community School.

What Their Volunteers Do

The majority of volunteers for RMCA are parents who are the recipient of the child development services. Volunteers help at development center locations, as well as, the charter schools and offices. Classroom duties include working with children in small groups or one on one, as directed by the teacher; assisting with projects and on the playground, clean up, food experience, attending parent meetings. Office duties include making copies, filing, laminating, answering phones, assisting with production projects such as reading to the children as a part of reading programs.

What Dollars Do

•$25 provides a cot for a toddler room, or sign language cards for deaf children
•$50 provides art supplies for one child for a year, or four board books for toddlers
•$100 special chair for a child with physical limitations
•$250 child-care services for one child for two weeks
•$470 provides tutorial services to one child at the Charter School for one month
•$500 provides and infant crib, or housekeeping furniture for a preschool classroom
•$1,000 provides a wheelchair for a child with disabilities
•$2,000 provides child-care services for five preschool children for one month

Contact Information

402 West Main Street, Immokalee, FL 34142