Achieving financial stability is not a simple process. In fact, 38% of Collier County residents struggle to get by, even when working multiple jobs. In the last decade, there has been a 138% increase in the number of impoverished local children. To create real impact, we must understand that people with stronger personal, social and financial foundations are more likely to overcome poverty. Investing in those foundations ensures that those in need have the right tools to succeed in life. In 2016, 32,463 individuals recieved financial stability through United Way sponsered programs.










  • Helping People Get Back on Their Feet -  for struggling families, an unanticipated expense like a car breakdown, family emergency or uninsured illness, can lead to a crisis. United Way of Collier County's 211 helpline and partner agencies are there to help by assisting those who fall in hard times with a wide range of human service needs.
  •  Providing Emergency Needs-  UWCC partners with other nonprofits, government, businesses, and the public to provide emergency assistance in the areas of food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and fuel to our neighbors in need. We work to ensure that those receiving services are provided with the information, referral resources, and support they need to address the current crisis and access to the building blocks of future financial stability.
  • Promoting Financial Stability - United Way partner agencies integrate education, career and personal finance services to help people build and maintain financial stability. 


Statistics - Collier County Schools District Demographics 

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