What Do They Do?

Cancer Alliance of Naples works to relieve the financial stress of families and individuals who are diagnosed with cancer while they are undergoing treatment by providing non-medical monetary assistance. CAN allows families to focus on their health and cancer treatment to help ensure the most positive outcome.

Programs United Way Supports at Cancer Alliance of Naples

United Way funds support beneficiary services including paying rent payments to landlords, mortgage payments to the bank, utility payments for water, electric bills, car payments and insurance, gas cards, and food cards. CAN also assists with the funding of car repairs, emergency childcare, or other necessary non-medical bills that are needed while a cancer patient is undergoing treatment.

What Their Volunteers Do

Volunteers are used throughout the year for a variety of needs including:

office assistance, fundraising, event support, annual event committee, beneficiary events, internships through local colleges/universities, outreach coordination, meeting and event attendees. 

What Dollars Do

  • $25 gas card to get to and from treatment. Cancer treatment can be 3-5 days a week for 3-6 months. Gas cards can be provided weekly.
  • $50 food card to buy groceries. Sometimes the cancer patient is the caregiver who now has to take time off work for treatment, or reduce hours. Sometimes the cancer patient is the child, still a parent has to take time off work. By providing food cards weekly this can relieve the stress of putting food on the table.
  • $100-$150 keeps the water and the electric on each month. Utilities can be paid monthly.
  • $500 pays rent for one month or contributes to a rent payment to avoid eviction. Rent can be paid monthly.
  • $3000 provides approximately 6 months of financial assistance to individuals and families who qualify for the program. Beneficiaries can prioritize their own bills/payments on a monthly basis in order to request assistance from Cancer Alliance of Naples.

Contact Information

201 8th St S, Ste 103 Naples, FL 34102
(239) 643-4673