2020 Plan

United Way of Collier County 2020 Plan

Our 2020 Plan is a 3-year strategic plan to make meaningful, measurable improvements in the lives of people in our community by the year 2020. Developed by key leaders and experts in our county, our strategic plan outlines key strategies that will help transform our community by focusing on the following areas:


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Invest in our Community
Connect with the Community
Volunteer Hub/Platform for our Community
Resource Development
Board Engagement 
Staff Execution
What Gets Measured, Gets Done
United Way also leverages the data to align its work with efforts to help Collier County achieve our 2020 goals - we want every dollar given and every hour volunteered to make the biggest impact possible in someone's life. Our United Way is focused on creating an impact on our hard working Collier families and creating programs to help empower our residents and place them on the path towards economic stability.